For three generations, the beautiful Eleven Point River has run through our lives in the form of liquid serenity. The cleansing blue waters are fed by natural springs, beginning in the heart of the Mark Twain National Forest. The scenic river stretches for 44 miles, meandering through the picturesque hills of the Ozarks. If you follow it, you might see fish jumping the rapids, birds diving for a bite to eat, or canoes silently gliding downstream. Some call it a spiritual place.

For us, the river represents a place of refuge. It’s a place for peace; free from stress. It’s a place to reconnect with family and friends, and a place to marvel at the natural beauty of the world that we so often take for granted. The river shapes our lives and our line of fragrances, which share its namesake. The Eleven Point home fragrance line is our homage to the river that has given us so much over the years—our little place of peace.


Our fragrances are created to transport you to your own personal place of peace— a place free from stress and responsibility; an escape from the reality of your day-to-day.

Can you picture it?


Now let us take you there.